Tinting your car windows can hide your belongings from prying eyes, keep your cabin cool and protect your identity. Tinting Atlanta uses 3M’s Advanced Window Films to give you the best-performing window tint available.


  • 100% Mobile Window Tinting
  • Protects Skin From UV Rays
  • Keeps Car Cabin Cool
  • Less Need For A/C
  • Blocks Prying Eyes From Seeing Inside
  • Improves Overall Style


The summer sun can heat up a house to its boiling point. The choice between expensive cooling bills and a one-time cost for window tint installation seems easy. Home window tint help block out solar heat and keep a cool environment for you and your family. These protective window films are an essential upgrade for every homeowner.


  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • Keeps Furniture From Fading
  • Less Need For A/C
  • Increases Your Privacy
  • Reduces Sun Glare


Sun glare and uncomfortable temperatures can create a hostile work environment. The cooling bills and lack of productivity can put a drain on your resources. Blocking the sun’s solar heat with commercial window films maintains a cool temperature and keeps your employees comfortable. 


  • Creates a Comfortable Work Environment
  • Reduces the Need for A/C
  • Inhibits Bacteria Growth on Window Surfaces
  • Decorative Film Enhances Office Aesthetic
  • Increases Your Commercial Building’s Security


The process is FAST & EASY. We’ll take care of everything.

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Our skilled technicians have performed over 75,000 window tint and paint protection installations. We practice our craft with care and deliver excellent results.


Brett Noe

The job coordinator Chris was extremely knowledgeable and a joy to speak with, the technician was courteous and did a wonderful job! I highly recommend this company to anyone needed tint on anything!!! Thank you guys!

Chris McConaghey

I wanted clear film and I cannot even tell the installer put tint on the windows (minus the noticeable heat change inside the car) he did THAT good of a job. 5/5 stars. Will use again!

Stephen Miller-Wise

It’s with much gratitude that I want to give this shout out! Exceptional quality and service...while expedient.

FAQ's About Window Tinting

What are the top benefits of tinting my home, business, or car windows?

There are numerous benefits to tinting building and car windows but the most important benefits are: regulating interior temperatures, preventing eye strain, minimizing fading, blocking UV radiation, and increasing privacy.

Does tinting car windows increase my car’s value?

Tinted windows usually give your car a slight resale boost, though some buyers can be scared away by windows that are darkly tinted. Modifying your vehicle greatly from its original production tends to diminish the pool of potential buyers.

How long does it typically take to tint my car?

The time it takes to tint a car window is dependent on the experience of the person doing the tinting! At Tinting Atlanta one tinter can get the job done in an hour. An experienced two-man installation crew can usually tint a 4 door car in less than 45 minutes.  We’re proud to say this is much shorter than the two hours it takes an average tinter to complete a 4-door car.

How long is the warranty on window tint?

3M window film has a lifetime warranty on automotive and residential applications. Commercial jobs have a 10 year warranty.

What cleaners do you recommend for tinted windows?

With tinted windows, it’s important that your window cleaner is ammonia-free! A few good options are Invisible Glass, and Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner.

I always hear the benefits of tinting my windows - are there any concerns with tinting car or building windows?

There are a few concerns to keep in mind:

  1. Most states have laws concerning how dark your car’s window tint can be. If you don’t check the laws out you may get pulled over for breaking the law.
  2. Window tint that is installed incorrectly can crack, bubble, and peel.
  3. Window tinting that is too dark can limit visibility in certain situations.
Does window film or tinting provide evening privacy when interior lights are on?

There are a few concerns to keep in mind:

  1. No, window tint does not provide privacy at night. If you’re truly interested in full, nighttime privacy, without the use of shades or window coverings, a one-way mirror film with night vision is your only option. (this is not an option for cars, but is available for homes).
  2. Window tint that is installed incorrectly can crack, bubble, and peel.
  3. Window tinting that is too dark can limit visibility in certain situations.
Does the window film go on the outside or inside of the glass?

The material is made to go on the inside due to the fact that the elements of weather would cause it to degrade.

What is the darkest legal tint for my vehicle?

Every state has different laws regarding tint darkness and reflection. If you are crossing state lines and get pulled over for window tint that was legal in your state but NOT in the state you are currently in, you will normally only get a warning. Visit to discover the window tinting laws in your state.

Does darker film block more heat?

With older films, you will find higher heat rejection does come with darker shades of window film. However, new technology allows window tint to block large amounts of heat without being dark. In short, the quality of window tint matters as much as the shade of window tint.

Does darker window tint cost more than lighter window tint?

Some companies charge more for darker film, but the film manufacturers themselves do not. That means that you shouldn’t be paying more money for a darker tint! At Tinting Atlanta our dark tints are no more expensive than our light tints.

What areas do you provide mobile tinting services?

We service all of Metro-Atlanta.