Auto window tinting can save you time and money while also protecting your car. Here are 5 good reasons to invest in car window tinting.

In 2019, the average price of cars in the US was about 29% higher than vehicles sold in 2009. Even auto loan interest rates have surged by an average of 5% to over 6% within the same time frame.

The purchase price of a car is only one factor, though: the actual cost of car ownership is also rising. Considering gas, maintenance, and insurance, owning a car now costs US motorists about $10,800 to $12,000 a year.

Fortunately, high-quality auto window tinting can help trim some of those costs. So long as installed right, these products can deliver financial and health incentives. This guide lists some of these top benefits, so be sure to read on.

1. Helps Protect You From Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is deadly, having claimed at least 11,000 lives in the US since 1979. Experts also say heat illnesses will become even more common due to global warming.

Apart from the outdoors, heat injuries and illnesses can occur in enclosed spaces. That includes automobiles, especially those under direct sunlight.

Even with the air conditioner turned on, a vehicle can still get too warm during sweltering days. Cars in Virginia Beach aren’t an exemption, as heatwaves have become more common here.

Note that Georgia already sees an average of 63 days in which heat indices are at least 90 degrees. Scientists say this can more than double by mid-century if left uncontrolled.

With that said, you definitely want to keep your car’s interiors cool all the time, but even more so when you drive. It’s not only for your comfort but your health and safety, too. Car window tinting can help as it rejects solar heat and keeps conditioned air inside the cabin.

2. Safer for Your Pets Too

The most common reason for canine heatstroke is confinement in an enclosed vehicle. Dogs are more susceptible to these dangers than humans because they don’t cool off the way people do. That’s why experts always remind “fur parents” never to leave dogs inside vehicles.

Cats, especially those with short muzzles, are also at risk of heat strokes. Like dogs, their bodies don’t have an efficient way to get rid of heat through perspiration.

If you often take your canine or feline pals out for a drive, do them and yourself a favor by keeping your car’s cabin cool. Investing in high-quality auto window films is one of the easiest ways to do just that. In this way, car window tinting benefits not only you but your furry family members, too.

Have you ever noticed how, in some people, the left side of their face has more skin damage than the right side? Perhaps you’ve even noticed leathery skin, wrinkles, or sunspots on the left side of your face. Your left arm may also exhibit the same signs and look more tanned than your right arm.

Prolonged day driving is one of the likeliest reasons behind those skin issues. After all, ultraviolet (UV) exposure in US motorists is 20 times greater on the left side of the face than on the right. The left arm of US drivers also gets five times more UV exposure than the right.

The thing is, factory car windows, even the tinted ones, only block UVB rays and little to no UVA rays. UVB rays are those that cause sunburn.

By contrast, UVA rays, which are longer than UVB, can get into the deeper layers of the skin. Experts associate UVA rays with premature skin aging, such as wrinkles and photoaging.

High-quality films from an auto window tinting company can help lower those risks. Today’s top-of-the-line car window tinting products offer more than 99% UV protection. What’s more, they can block both UVA and UVB rays.

So, as early as today, start your search online for “auto window tinting near me.” This way, you can get your windows tinted by professionals in Georgia within just a few hours.

4. Make Your Cabin’s Components Last Longer

Chronic UV radiation can account for almost half of fading damage in fabrics and carpets. However, UV radiation isn’t the only enemy of your car’s interiors; hot air can also cause heat damage.

The hot air inside a vehicle can work like an oven, causing moisture to evaporate. As a result, it can dry out your vehicle’s interior components, causing degradation. This can then result in your car seats, dashboard, and mats blistering and cracking.

Excessive heat can also damage personal items and electronic devices in your vehicle. High temperatures can damage batteries in gadgets, or worse, even make them explode. Moreover, thermal damage can occur in your electronics’ microchips or even circuit boards.

As quality car window tinting helps keep your car cool, it can also protect the stuff you have inside. For the same reason, it can help keep your car’s interior maintenance costs low. It also protects your pricey gadgets from heat-induced damage.

5. Can Help Reduce Your Ride’s Carbon Footprint

Did you know that 80% of carbon emissions from the US transportation sector come from cars and trucks? Most of those emissions are byproducts of fuel combustion. However, the use of vehicle air conditioning also creates and emits such gases.

So, the more often and the longer you run your car’s AC, the higher its carbon footprint.

By getting your car windows tinted now, you can end up relying less on your AC. The superior heat rejection of quality films alone may even be enough to keep your cabin cool. In this case, your car may feel cool enough even without the air conditioner.

Make Your Ride Safer and Greener With Auto Window Tinting

As you can see, auto window tinting benefits not only your car but you, your pets, and the environment, too. Of course, it can be favorable to your wallet, too, seeing as tinted windows can reduce the need to crank up the AC.

Do all those car window tinting benefits sound like a great deal to you? If so, our team here at Tinting Atlanta is ready to assist. We service all of Metro-Atlanta, so request your free quote today or call us at 404-905-2211 now to learn more!