Are you ready to tint your car’s windows? Don’t choose just anyone, learn how to find the best auto window tint possible!

Did you know that tinting the windows of your automobile can keep it up to 60% cooler and block up to 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun?

There are loads of practical and aesthetic reasons to get your windows tinted. It keeps your car cooler, protects your health, and it gives your car a sleek and sporty appearance.

Finding the best auto window tint is a process that requires knowing what benefits you want from your window tint and the amount of tint that you prefer.

Continue reading to learn all about auto window tint and how to choose the best window tinting for your vehicle.

Benefits of Window Tint

The benefits of choosing to tint your automobile’s windows are numerous. Before you begin the journey of choosing the right window tint for you, you should know the benefits you can expect.

If you live in a particularly sunny area then window tint is a great option for your vehicle as a way to prevent glare from the road and other vehicles. This keeps you and your passengers safe.

It also protects the interior of your vehicle. The sun can damage and weather the interior of your car if it is left unprotected from the sun’s harmful rays. This can lead to a rough-looking interior and expenses to get it fixed.

Auto window tint can also protect any valuables that you have inside of your vehicle. By not allowing people outside of the vehicle to see in, they can’t spot your valuables and won’t attempt to break into your car to steal them.

Energy efficiency is another benefit of getting your automobile’s windows tinted. Because window tint blocks UV rays and keeps your interior cooler you don’t spend as much energy trying to cool the inside of your vehicle.

You also have the benefit and comfort of privacy when in your vehicle. When you’re rocking out to your favorite song at a stoplight you don’t have to worry about judgmental passengers in neighboring vehicles.

From a safety standpoint, window tint is a great idea for your car. The film from the tint will keep your window from shattering if an accident occurs. This keeps flying shards of glass from hitting passengers and causing injuries.

Choosing the Best Auto Window Tint

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best auto glass tinting for you and your vehicle. The color, percentage of tint, and protection for you and your car’s interior from the sun’s rays are all key factors when choosing window tint.

Here are some other key factors that you should take into consideration when you decide that you are ready for auto window tinting on your vehicle.

Learn About Different Tint Options

There are different levels of tint quality and different types of warranties that come with choosing certain brands.

Knowing what you want from your tint and how much you’re willing to spend goes a long way in choosing the best auto window tint.

Think of window tint quality like a pyramid. There are good types of tint, better types of tint, and the best types of tint. The price increases the further up the pyramid that you go, but so do the quality and benefits. 

The lower end of the pyramid is dyed window tints. They are a cost-effective option but they will not last as long as higher-quality automotive tints and come with a limited warranty.

Carbon films are a nice middle ground of cost-effectiveness and quality. It will last longer than a dyed tint while still being an affordable option. 

The top end is ceramic tint. Ceramic tint does the best job of blocking harmful rays from the sun while keeping your car’s interior cooler.

Know Your State’s Laws

Each state has different laws and regulations in place regarding the percentage of tint that is allowed on your automobile. It is important to know what percentages you are allowed so that you avoid any fines or penalties.

Additionally, most states require a lighter level of tint on front windows versus what is allowed on rear windows. Making sure that your windows don’t exceed that is a great way to avoid getting pulled over.

Your window tint installation technician should educate you on the level of tint allowed so that you and the tint shop don’t violate the law.

Decide Which Features You Want

There are multiple features that you should consider when choosing the best auto window tint. The shade is an important feature that you can choose. Gold, bronze, black, and grey are the most commonly chosen shades.

Color stability is also important if you live in an area with hot and sunny weather all year round. Color stability will keep your tint the color that you want it to be despite radiation from the sun.

The amount of ultraviolet protection that you get from your tint is also an important feature. Some window tints can block as much as 99% of ultraviolet rays, keeping your skin safe and healthy.

Find the Right Installer

When investing money in something like the best auto window tinting, you’re going to want the best installer to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

A professional installer can be the difference between your tint lasting a year or lasting a decade. A pro installer will ensure that it is installed correctly and make it look sleek and sporty.

Are You Ready to Get Auto Window Tint?

When finding the best auto window tint, there are a lot of things to consider. From tint percentage to the legality of the tint you want, choosing the right auto tinting takes time and careful consideration.

Are you ready for the benefits of auto window tinting? Request an estimate from Tinting Atlanta and take the first step towards taking your automobile to the next level.